Bridal hair trends 2016

The year 2016 has seen the introduction of new bridal hairstyles that did not exist there before. Different existing hairstyles have also been re-fashioned to give new impressions necessary for wedding activities for any bride who would wish to have some.

Below are some recommended bridal hairstyles that are recommended for your wedding:

  • Laissez hair

This was introduced because of undone and free-flowing hair locks for brides. They are fresh looking, unfussy and contemporary and they are a perfect alternative to the average looking chignon that has been used in the past.

It is perfect for any bride and matches well with a formal and classy gown when an edge is added to it.

When taking this hairstyle, you can a little more texture and allow strands to hang loosely in order to give your face a pretty look.


  • Beautiful Braids

This year, bridal designers such as Della Giovanna and Claire Pettibone have made a huge in bringing about the hottest face-framing bridal braids necessary for any wedding.  To add these braids, you can use delicate strands and layered braids so as to achieve a nice loose and favorite braid.


  • Hairpieces

This has been a perfect introduction in 2016 and is well suited for the veil. Hairpieces like the brocade, jewelry and small tiaras are used to replace the earlier used classic pieces. This gives the bride a great opportunity for the incorporation of any available significant style.

Different designers have suggested the use of family heirloom or headpiece so as to achieve this. These accessories look more classic when the bride is walking down the aisle.


When choosing the above unique methods, it is also important for you to consider the type of gown to be worn so as to avoid the mix-up of colors and non-matching designs.