10 Beautiful DIY Bridal Hair Accessories

Have you ever known that Bridal hair accessories contribute much to adding the perfect look needed for any bridal attire? They makes the bride look more attractive at any moment and are cheap to get and maintain during the event.

There are as many options available out there, and you can choose the one that works best with your wedding gown. Here are some of the examples for you:

  • DIY Bridal head piece

This is done by converting old brooks or any available pieces to a more elegant and beautiful head piece. This gives the bride a perfect touch for a wedding event

  • Beaded Embellishment

If you have a brooch or a beaded embellishment, you can easily change it to a headband. This is done by layering ribbon and tissue paper beneath it and follow it to the modest band bottom.


  • Pearl Crown

A simple crown can be made of wire caped with pearls. It produces a headpiece with a bohemian and delicate nature.


  • Birdcage Veil

This is perfect for brides who want to have modern spins. It a good looking veil and you can make an unadorned veil while giving it a flowery accent.


  • Beaded Floral Crown

It a beautiful crown for outdoor wedding activity. This crown combines white beads with multiple shapes together with huge pink flowers. This gives your wedding the necessary touch needed and will really look memorable.


  • Floral combs

This a good way of adding accessories to your wedding. They are usually eye catching and cheap, and can be made by attaching a comb to a cardboard, and then gluing flowers and ribbons.


  • Vintage collection

This is made by wrapping beads collections around a headband to get an elegant floral headpiece.

If you have Sculpted rosebud flowers, you can add them as well to make it look lovelier.

  • Wire bow

You can use a simple wire bow to adorn you hair especially if you a casual bride. This is done using fabric and it works perfect for summer or spring weddings because they are delicate.


  • Floral wrap

If you want to have a striking simple hair accessory, this is the best tool. All you need is just a flat flower, floral tape and wire.

  • Double Lace Headband

This is another pretty and elegant hair accessory. Create certain lengths of elastic ribbons or laces.